About West Valley Wash - An Experienced Pressure Washing Company

About us

Founded in June of 2021 by Alfredo Boulton, West Valley Wash is your premier company for pressure washing in Los Angeles. Our mission statement is to give the customer what they want and inform them of other services that may be in line with their interests. As we like to say, "Do pressure washing right, or it ain't done at all!" We set customer expectations and respect and acknowledge the limitations of our knowledge and equipment, making sure we communicate this clearly.

However, we also are well aware of where pressure washing company competition falls short, and we do our best to exceed others in our field so our clients know they made the right choice picking the pressure washing company that treats them like family and never leaves them with a headache. We want to do it right and make it easy, from the quoting process to the job itself to the final payment. Our promise is to achieve the best job possible with the easiest process for the customer. If you want a pressure washing company in Los Angeles that will work for you, call West Valley Wash today at 805-222-6405 to set up an appointment.

Some of the pressure washing services we offer:

  • Building washing
  • Commercial pressure washing
  • Gas station washing
  • Deck cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Roof cleaning
  • Window washing
  • ... and so much more!

Our Process

  1. Before anything, we water all surrounding vegetation and plants. This protects them entirely from any chemicals used in the cleaning process.
  2. Secondly, we pre-treat all surfaces with our cleaning batch. 99% of it is water, and the rest is in the same family as chemicals that are commonly used to chlorinate pools. We also rinse all plants after this process to prevent chemical absorption.
  3. Surface cleaning is next. This is only done on flat ground surfaces, employing a surface cleaner that is run slowly across the relevant areas to ensure the deepest clean.
  4. Lastly, we rinse all dirt and grime off to reveal the revivified surface!

Pressure Washing for Los Angeles

Working in Los Angeles means we've seen some extravagant houses with lavish plant layouts that call for patience, strategy, and the utmost care. Chemicals and time can kill these very easily, and while another pressure washing company may know how to clean concrete and brick, can they do so while elevating the house in its entirety?

We know pressure washing service providers who say doing certain areas where there are lots of roses or overgrown bushes is not worth the risk of a wash, but this means either doing the job without chemical application, which is short-changing the customer as the growth is not dead and will return promptly, or cutting around certain areas and leaving a sharp contrast between (for example, a clean patio with small dirty patches that plants are growing into), or even avoiding the job entirely.

As professionals, it is our job to conform to the house we have been called to wash on, not to set limitations the moment we are tasked with creativity!

Do It Right With West Valley Wash