Gas Station Washing For Attractive Businesses

Gas Station Washing

When customers happen to walk into a neat, clean, well-maintained gas station, they take notice. Here in Los Angeles, West Valley Wash offers top-notch gas station washing services to make your business stand out from all the rest. From window washing to graffiti removal to dumpster pad cleaning, we do it all. Check out our special packages to save money when you combine different pressure washing services together.

Call us, your local Los Angeles pressure washing professionals, for all your gas station washing needs!

Exterior Surface Cleaning For Convenience Stores

Here at West Valley Wash, we provide pressure washing for Los Angeles residents and commercial property owners. This includes gas station washing and convenience store exterior cleaning. Gas stations can get awfully dirty fast. That is because a number of people and vehicles pass through all day and night, leaving behind dirt, debris, gas, oil, trash, and even old chewed-up gum!

We will come and wash away all the nasty debris and contaminants to make your gas station look as good as new and to make it safe and clean so customers will be more likely to stop by.

Comprehensive Pressure Washing Services For Gas Stations

When performing gas station washing services, we ensure to clean a wide variety of different areas:

  • Concrete pads
  • The overhead canopy
  • Awnings
  • The building itself
  • Walkways and other concrete surfaces, including gutters and curbs
  • Dumpster area pads
  • Windows

Each of these areas may need different tools, equipment, methods, and knowledge to clean properly without damaging the property. Concrete, such as the pads, walkways, and curbs, can be grimy with dirt, debris, and trash, as well as harbor harmful bacteria that can make people sick. Blasting away all the damaging contaminants and eyesore debris ensures your customers will be happy and healthier.

The overhead canopy and awnings can look nice, but not if they are covered in black streaks! We know the right pressure, tools, and methods to use so we do not cause any damage. Done correctly, your canopy and awnings will last for much longer and will look much more appealing once we are finished with our gas station washing services.

Schedule Routine Gas Station Washing Services

Because gas stations and convenience stores get so dirty and are used by so many people, it is important to stay on top of scheduling routine gas station washing services. We recommend monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual services, depending on the different materials being washed. Call us today at 805-222-6405 to discuss your property's individual needs.

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