Driveway and House Wash in Studio City Hills

Driveway and House Wash in Studio City Hills

This longstanding, loyal customer requested a driveway, house, and window wash. We have been taking care of their driveway for over a year and were beyond happy to jump at the opportunity to work on more than before. The property itself lies deeply covered by mountain greenery, leaving it vulnerable to the mold, mildew, and algae that can penetrate concrete, shingle roofs, and siding. Whether driveway washing or wall cleaning, you'll notice growth persists in continuous wetness. Especially, when California reaches denser and denser amounts of coming rainfall through winters recurring. Studio City itself, as well as the neighboring communities of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and West Hollywood quite literally weather these mountains, and nobody knows this better than their homeowners.

Extending the life of your driveway, roof, and walls is crucial for the wellbeing of any property. Driveway washing itself is the greatest lender to your home's eye-appeal and market value.

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West Valley Wash power washed my house and my driveway. What a difference it made! It was especially helpful in washing my upstairs windows that never get washed and it was so refreshing to be able to see clearly out of them. In addition, the stucco on my house was finally clean and sparkling. I was skeptical about what the effect on my concrete driveway might be, but the power wash took away years of dirt and grime and it brightened up the concrete driveway noticeably. Alfredo was polite and kind, and professional in every way.

- J. W. |

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