Trash Can Cleaning For Superior Property Maintenance

Trash Can Cleaning

Your trash cans and recycling bins can get really smelly and dirty, what with all the garbage that goes in and out of them. Let us at West Valley Wash help you set up a routine schedule for trash can cleaning in Los Angeles. This way, you won't have to worry about all the nasty smells, invasive critters like insects and rats, and harmful bacteria that dirty garbage bins can harbor. Call our professional team at 805-222-6405 to talk with experts regarding your property's individual needs regarding trash can cleaning.

Garbage Bin Washing For Clean, Safe Homes

Whether you would like us to come out for weekly, monthly, or quarterly trash can cleaning, you can always count on us to provide top-notch services. Add trash can cleaning services on top of our other residential pressure washing services, such as driveway washing and window cleaning, to get a great deal and to keep your home and property smelling and looking great all over. We are proud to provide high-quality pressure washing for Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

How Dirty Trash Cans Can Be Harmful To Your Property

Regular professional trash can cleaning services can eliminate many issues that come from having dirty garbage bins, such as:

  • smells
  • icky debris
  • bacteria
  • bugs and insects
  • wildlife pests

You don't want to be the smelly house on the street, right? Odors coming from trash cans that hold all our refuse and garbage can get really ripe and potent, especially in the hot summer months. Not only do you have to deal with the awful smells while trying to add in more garbage bags each week, you may also end up touching icky stains and debris from decomposed, rotting food and other waste.

That decomposing sludge can build up bacteria over time that can be hazardous to your health. Our trash can cleaning services deodorize and sanitize your garbage bins to give you peace of mind. Cleaning your trash bins not only helps get rid of harmful bacteria but also gives wildlife pests, critters, and bugs less of an opportunity to get comfy in your trash and on your property. Flies and other insects love the rotting smell of old garbage! Wildlife, such as raccoons, enjoy digging through bins to see what they can find. With our trash can cleaning services, we wash away all the tempting smells so they are not as attracted. Call us today at 805-222-6405 to schedule all your pressure washing needs, including trash can cleaning.

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